10 Stylish Bartender Aprons Experts Love

Feature in Wine Enthusiast and written by Devorah Lev-Tov

“As bartenders, we look for aprons that can do two crucial things for us,” says Raleigh Swan, the assistant general manager of The Hope Farm in Fairhope, Alabama. “The apron has to be comfortable as well as functional. This means we look for aprons with lots of pockets, even custom pockets for holding bar tools, and we also look for aprons with crossbacked straps, which helps to distribute the weight … for the bartenders,” says Sean Stapleton, the bar Manager at Houston’s The Lymbar . “Denim has a history of taking abuse, being stain resistant and wearing gracefully with more comfort. Plus, the pockets are situated in a way that we can access tools easily, whether it be a pen, bar tweezers, a winekey or a notepad.”

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